Martes, Abril 10, 2012

When the Camera is not Rolling in The Biggest Loser

One of the most controversial and notorious entertainment shows up to date in Germany is “The Biggest Loser”.  Millions of viewers around the world are still puzzled as to how a very fat, gigantic guy loses very great sum of pounds in a very shortest time! Known for its unbelievable and fast pace weight loss methods, the show has been a point of interest to many dieticians and health experts. So, what are the shows’ strategies and techniques as to wie kann man schnell abnehmen.

Ryan Benson, The Biggest Loser winner of the first season fall short 122 lbs through the show. In an interview, he disclosed that he suffered from dehydration, and has urinated blood. Low blood sugar, heat stroke and high blood pressure are other cited dangers experienced by other competitors. The Biggest Loser seems to be staking ones lives for the prize of money!

Reviews of The Biggest Loser are polarized, subjective and mixed; mostly outweighing cons by fitness experts and specialists. The most highlighted pro of the show is the promising visible results that contestants are really losing fats! On the other side, fitness experts expressed their deep opposition to its methods of losing weight that are considered exploitive, and do not follow the standards of weight loss. The show only gives the impression of pure entertainment without addressing problems on personal health and other issues. Contestants differ in body composition and capacity; one can bear up a life-threatening task, but others may not. The segment, Last Chance Workout, which comprises of aggressive exercises, to avoid possible elimination of the show was described by fitness experts as “bizarre” and “unnecessary” due to disregard of client’s capacity and health status. Instead of losing mere fats, contestants are seen wasting their muscles and tissues, and much of the loss is water. This is why we spot some of them that are puking to death and become fragile. On top of that, contestants of the show are penalized for gaining weight.

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